COVID-19 Patient Letter

Last Updated: October 1st, 2021

Appointments may also be available from the following links and convenience clinics:

We hope all of you and your family is safe and secure as AFD is working hard to help calm fears and keep everyone healthy. We are remaining open, all staff is now temperature screened when they arrive and we are taking the following steps to help you be seen for your needs.


  1. MASK POLICY: As of July 1st 2020, face coverings that cover both the nose and mouth will be required at all AFD locations for all patients and visitors.
  2. COVID-19 TESTING AVAILABLE: AFD is able to test our established patients for COVID with both our in-house rapid test and send out PCR tests. If it’s for screening purposes please go see your local pharmacy or pharmacy clinic. We are only testing patients with symptoms.
  3. COVID ANTIBODY TESTS: We offer COVID-19 antibody labs tests for new and existing patients. Contact us to learn more.
  4. TELEHEALTH: TeleVisits via telephone and video chats are available now. Contact us to schedule a call from your Healthcare Provider.
  5. VISIT GUIDELINES: We are working on additional TeleMedicine options to provide video calls so we can see our patients remotely. This would be for sick visits, not COVID, but other illnesses and well visits. Things that cannot be done by TeleVisit include: Physicals, controlled visits ADD & Suboxone, as well as things like Chest Pain, these will all require in office visits.
  6. WAITING ROOM PRECAUTIONS: We have divided our lobbies into two sections, sick and well/primary care. In Spring Hill and Brentwood we are removing the standing kiosks. We will be giving handheld pads to each patient that will be wiped down after each use.
  7. CHECK-IN PROCESS: We are giving all patients, the option to please wait in their car after they are checked in to wait on being called back.
  8. COVID-19 HOTLINE: The Tennessee Department of Health has setup a COVID19 hotline at (877) 857-2945 or (833) 556-2476 10am-10pm daily.
  9. MORE COVID-19 INFORMATION: For more information on the novel coronavirus outbreak, visit


  1. We are cleaning the handheld pads after each use, cleaning the lobby often, and the rooms after each patient use. In addition, the exam room keyboards, mice, wall hand sanitizer dispensers, door handles and sinks wiped down after each patient leaves as well.
  2. We’re continuing to learn more and monitor the situation as it develops.

We understand as more people become infected this plan may change. The most important thing is good communication, and quick adaptability. We pray for you and your family to remain safe, calm, and faithful during this time.

For questions please email or call one of our three locations.

Brentwood – 615.373.2000
Smyrna – 615.223.7227
Spring Hill – 615.302.0885