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Dr. Dar can see you in Smyrna on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Dr. Dar is an American Board Medicine certified Physician in Family Medicine. Her special interests include primary care, acute and chronic disease management and addiction treatment. Dr. Dar is in fellowship training with Anti-Aging Medicine to explore and offer options to her patients to improve their health and wellness by prevention and active treatment.

Dr. Dar finished Family Medicine Residency training in 2004 from Winnipeg, MB in Canada. She worked in a primary care and urgent care setting for 2 years before moving to Kokomo, Indiana, United States in 2006 to work as a Primary care physician and a hospitalist. Since, 2010 Dr. Dar has worked with America’s Family Doctors in Smyrna, and Brentwood Tennessee to provide care to patients of all age groups, from different fields of life, and on varying spectrum points in their health. Recently Dr. Dar has started Intermittent Fasting and says she likes to stick with the "Clean 15" and Dirty Dozen".

Dr. Dar’s philosophy is “Practicing medicine with care and knowledge is my passion. I value and adore the fact that I am privileged in a position where patients can trust me and partner with me for their health and well being. Prevention of disease is my goal for all my patients. Together, we can figure it out :)”. We are in exciting era of health care where Technology and innovations is making a lot of things possible that we could not do before. It makes me proud when I see more and more patients using our Patient Portal to communicate with us.

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2016 Rutherford's Best Doctors
Dr. Dar was featured as one of the best doctors in Rutherford County.

CBT Guide
The A-Z Guide to Addiction and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy : This guide explains in depth how CBT is utilized to treat a range of addiction.

Videos by Dr. Dar
IT Band Strain Prevention 0:41

Languages Spoken
English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

Board Certifications: American Board of Family Medicine
In Practice Since: 2004
  • Family Medicine
  • Primary Care
  • Asthma and Allergy Care
  • Suboxone Treatment Specialist
  • Wound Care

  • Irene Belton Irene Belton 00:35 06/09/24
    I have been going to Dr Sadia Dar far many many years, she is excellent, patience, listens to all your health issues. Her staffs are friendly, patience and helpful. If you are looking for a doctor I would highly recommend Dr Dar at America’s Family Doctors at Smyrna.

    Lesa Conner Lesa Conner 16:38 07/21/23

    Adam Johnson Adam Johnson 16:34 07/15/23
    Dr Dar seems like she really cares about her patients. She takes the time to listen and not just rush in and out.

    Sasa Puhalo Sasa Puhalo 16:56 01/12/23

    askar Babaali askar Babaali 16:53 09/12/22
    Dr. Sadia Dar is a great Dr. My Mom has had up to date. She has helped her so much to improve her overall health.

    Don Belton Don Belton 20:16 02/01/22
    Dr Dar is the best doctor I have ever had in my entire life. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I have never went to her being sick that she couldn’t make me feel better.

    Catherine Grigsby Catherine Grigsby 15:52 10/20/21
    Dr.DAR very kind and passionate .as she take care of you.make sure you get your medicine as you need them.

    Jason “Jason Buy Houses” Hornsby Jason “Jason Buy Houses” Hornsby 13:12 05/17/21

    Gregory Rogers Gregory Rogers 17:15 02/17/21
    One would be hard pressed to find a more caring , more compassionate and knowledgeable physician! She has always been there for whatever my needs may be. I'm a very complicated patient with several co-morbid issues and not once has she 'shied' away from my issues! She's seen me through home health and even Hospice. She's not a '15 minute' Doctor! She takes whatever time is needed to treat one's circumstance! I can't say enough wonderful things about her! She may be tiny in stature; but her heart and compassion are monumental! A current and most grateful patient!

    Charlotte Sloat Charlotte Sloat 20:18 09/17/20
    My name is Douglas Brown. I have been a patient of Dr. Dars for many years. I can say with 100% certainty that this woman saved my life, and that is not an exaggeration by any means.I was in a dark place for a long time I did some things I’m not proud of I’m not going to lie. I was being prescribed pain medication on a large scale for pain relief that I thought was necessary. I thought that I was at the end of my life and I have no reason to think that anything was going to improve. A good friend of mine was going to this place and told me that I owed it to myself to go to get help I was reluctant of course but after several days of back-and-forth I decided to give it a chance. I wasn’t really expecting much at that point because every other physician before said the same thing. Dr. Darr has always been honest and straight with me since the beginning more than a decade ago and her professionalism is second to none, so imagine my surprise. I can honestly say that this place saved my life I would not be here today if it wasn’t for Dr. Darr and I beg anyone who needs help and who feels like no one will help them to please give this place a call and give them a chance you will thank me later.Let me just take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to each and every member of America’s family Doctors. I beg you to go to this place and it just might save your life just like it saved mine.

    Sheila Dotson Sheila Dotson 21:40 09/11/20
    I love Dr. Dar. She is so warm, empathetic and concerned for her patients. She goes the extra mile by listening to all of my concerns. I hope that she will always stay in Rutherford county!

    Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms 14:53 02/21/20

    Lo Young Lo Young 19:51 01/24/20
    Dr. Dar is amazing and takes very good care of her patients. Would recommend her to anyone.

    betty schoenberg betty schoenberg 20:30 09/04/19
    Dr. Dar is a very compassionate doctor. She really cares. She takes the time to listen and addresses my concerns. If you want a kind,caring and compassionate doctor see Dr. Dar. She is tiny but mighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Murillo Michael Murillo 16:25 06/10/19
    I have been seen by Dr. Dar for 7 years, she has always been very professional and patient, she always explains things so you completely understand, and works to give you the best care. I continue to see Dr. Dar and commute more than a hour away since I now live in Mount Pleasant TN

    sadaf gohar sadaf gohar 20:48 05/20/19

    Robert Banks Robert Banks 12:16 04/26/19
    Dr. Sadia Dar been important to my overall health. I would recommend anyone to her. Thanks Dr. Dar for the care you have given me. Much love

    Cheryl Villanueva Cheryl Villanueva 20:34 04/22/19
    Dr. Dar is Amazing as is the majority of her staff. Many PA's come and go but in their effort to serve I find them to be rushed and they have no interest in who I am. Dr. Dar has always been different. I have been seen in this office for many years and decided about 8 months ago that I would no longer see anyone but her. She knows me. She would always greet me even when I wasnt there to see her and she would pause in the hallway to ask me how I was. I have not had the opportunity to meet Dr. Sam but my husband loves him. Dr. Dar's motto of treat the patient not the disease is true to its word. Thank you Dr Sadia Dar!!!!

    Maenett Richards Maenett Richards 23:29 04/18/19
    I've been going to America's Family Doctors for over five years. I'm glad that I found a doctor who would help me to stay on track with my health. There have been times when I thought I was doing the right thing, only to find out after having my physical, there were things that were missing. My schedule would be so heavy, I would forget something as simple as certain vitamins that were needed daily. Having a caring doctor to keep me on track is a blessing. I thank Dr. Dar for looking out for me and keeping me on track with my full schedule of working and dealing with grandchildren.

    Cody Noyes Cody Noyes 03:03 12/18/18
    I love the office and atmosphere. They've always accommodated my needs. The tech they use to check people in makes everything easier.

    Gloria Johnson Gloria Johnson 12:57 10/04/18

    Angela Mccormick Angela Mccormick 12:06 08/07/18
    I've been seeing Dr Dar for 8 yrs now and she and her staff are amazing, Dr Dar is the best professional doctor that I have ever seen, she takes up time with her patients and is really concerned about their Healthcare, she will provide the best care that is needed, I love her so much, she is very friendly and always got a smile, and her staff is very professional and caring, they will make you an appointment in a timely manner to meet your needs at your convenience, very nice and sweet people, the office is very clean and well organized, and so are the exam rooms, you don't have to wait very long to be seen, I would highly recommend anyone to be seen by DR DAR and her staff, they are open 7 days a week for your convenience.Thank you Dr Dar for being an amazing person and doctor, I really appreciate you.God bless you always.Sincerely,Angela McCormick

    Brenda Merner Brenda Merner 14:30 06/07/18
    Love Dr. Dar, I find it hard to rebook or re schedule on line. You can't get thru by phone. The lady's in office are outstanding. Will keep phoning.

    ItsEthan ItsEthan 18:04 02/28/18
    I've been seeing Dr. Dar for a while nowLove her and her staff.Thanks for everything and being such a greatDr.Sincerely,Stacey Lyles

    Jeanette Orejel Jeanette Orejel 15:41 01/23/18

    Jennifer Pinto Jennifer Pinto 02:00 01/10/18
    I am extremely happy with Dr. Dar's care. Her staff and nurses are always welcoming and very helpful. I have decided to switch my PCP to Dr. Dar due to excellent service and professionalism. Hope we have more doctors like her.

    Elizabeth Mahon Elizabeth Mahon 17:02 11/10/17
    Best Dr ever! Worked with me to get my life back on track! I'm forever grateful to Dr. Dar. She can see patients for an enormous list of reasons. She really is a great doctor! And the AFD staff is always welcoming and involved!

    Dwayne Brown Dwayne Brown 12:59 11/08/17
    I have been going to Dr.Dar for a couple of years. I can honestly say that she has been instrumental in my recovery and believe me when I tell you I am not the easiest patient to deal with. All I can tell you is that before I started seeing her my life was a mess and she has helped me in ways I can't even begin to calculate.

    John Winters John Winters 20:21 10/19/17
    My wife and I are patients of Dr. Sadia Dar. Although it was my wife's appointment today, I was present during her visit with Dr. Dar. As always, Dr. Dar was very attentive. She is very much concerned about the well being of her patients, as further testament to every visit to her clinic. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Dar for all your health care needs. She is truly "one in a million."

    Annice Richardson Annice Richardson 15:28 10/16/17
    Dr.Dar is one of the best caregivers that a patient could ask for, she is very thorough and gives great information to better care for yourself.

    Tiffany Taylor Tiffany Taylor 15:21 10/10/17
    Dr.Dar is amazing she is very thorough. She goes above and beyond to take care of her patients. My 1st visit with her I had bronchitis so she did an x ray to check my lungs and saw something in the x ray it turned out to be a tumor. Dr. Dar did not just look at my lungs and move on. She had someone look at the spot she saw and called me herself to tell me the news. My 1st visit ever I felt like she saved my life. The tumor has been removed and she sent me to an amazing surgeon. I would give her 10 stars if it were an option 😀

    Bradley Conner Bradley Conner 18:15 09/14/17
    I went into the Smyrna office on 09/13/2007 to meet with Dr. Dar as I chose her as my new primary care physician and I could not be any more pleased. I had an severely elevated blood sugar level and she was very thorough and kept me there until she was comfortable with me going home. I cannot say enough good things about her and am proud to refer to her as my doctor.I also cannot forget about Ashley, who was my nurse and treated me the same as Dr. Dar she was also very thorough in her questions to complete my chart. I am the owner of a company and realize how hard it is to find good employees and Ashley is outstanding. I look forward to my next visit and if I can sing their praises in any other way please let me know I want to extend in closing a very heartfelt thank you to Dr. Dar and Ashley. May God bless you both

    Susan Ray Susan Ray 19:55 09/05/17
    Phenomenal doctor. Thank you so much Dr. Sadia Dhar.

    Maurice Weiss Maurice Weiss 13:55 06/08/17

    angelo reedy angelo reedy 21:24 04/25/17

    Susan Barrett Susan Barrett 19:09 02/10/17
    Staff is wonderful! My experience is a bit different because i have been on Siboxone for many years, I have been completely off it for almost 2 year's & was still unable to function & I was attending CR in Boro & AA meeting's, After that period of time I decided enough was enough I gave it my all to get sober. Dr Dar treated me the past 4 years. Suboxone is much safer than the alternative Jail/pills buying off the street that could kill you, Suboxone is a Safe drug for addicts, there should be no Shaming Dr Dar, I read the review! Ppl need to educate themselves before assuming the worst B/c a person is on Suboxone, No One Is Perfect! Dr Sadie Dar I owe my life to, She gave me freedom & my life back! Thank you for all you do Sadie Dar & staff at AFD's!! Saving lives & keeping Families together! She always has a smile on her face & will listen to you!!!! Family Friendly office, they love kids there too, Movies for the kids to watch on the big screen, #THANKYOUAFDCLINICSADIEDARKERP UP THE GOOD WORK YOUR HELPING SO MANY PPL GET THEIR LIVES BACK #SLAVENOMORETYAFDCLINICBRENTWOOD 👏🙌👌👍😀☺💫🌟✨💪👏💪💪

    David Turner David Turner 18:13 02/08/17

    Ashley Russell Ashley Russell 16:07 02/02/17
    Dr Dar is Best doctor I have met. It is hard to find a good doctor who takes time to listen and care for you. She truly cares and her staff is amazing. I give her 10 stars. Thank you for helping me and my family.

    Abdul-Mateen Suddeth Abdul-Mateen Suddeth 18:56 09/01/16
    Great medical professional. What a Dr. should be. Shows concern and care. Read several reviews and nothing less than 5 stars. It is understood why.

    Gee-o Redmond Gee-o Redmond 20:58 08/23/16
    Dr. Dar is the best. She is always concern about my health and she always make sure you do what is best for you and the type of life style you live to stay healthy and to live a longer. Thank you very much for your care.

    zero talk reactions zero talk reactions 00:26 08/15/16
    She is a really great doctor! She listens & shes always treated me like someone she truly cares about. Everyone I've talked to loves her! And so do I!! ❤

    Ortega Beast Ortega Beast 14:08 08/14/16

    Ifanka Suba Ifanka Suba 11:00 05/29/16

    Tracy White Tracy White 22:43 03/19/16
    I visited Dr. dar clinic recently. For one she is really sweet an pretty. She made me feel better just by talking to me. Her staff is great and I am going to make her my primary doctor.
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