DOT Physicals

DOT physicals must be performed by a provider that has been trained and certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Our Certified Medical Examiners by location:

Brentwood: Dr. S. Steve Samudrala
Smyrna: Dr. Sadia Dar & Dr. S. Steve Samudrala
Spring Hill: Dr. Rennee Dhillon & Dr. S. Steve Samudrala

Please click on Certified Medical Examiners name to see the soonest appointment available. We also welcome walk-ins 7 days a week but you must verify that a Certified Medical Examiner is going to be on site, please e-mail or call us to do so.

To help make your visit faster, fill out your portion on the Medical Examination Report before your visit with us.

Common Q&A’s:
Do you file with my insurance? Only if this is scheduled as an appointment for your yearly physical. We are not able to file with insurance if you come in as a walk-in or if you are not due for your yearly physical.

What is the self-pay price? $185 for basic DOT Physical

Who needs a DOT physical? Anyone that is applying for a commercial driver’s license (CDL)

Why do I need a DOT physical? These are done to determine whether or not you are healthy enough to drive safely, it helps protect yourself and others on the road.

How often do I need a DOT physical? This depends on your health status- If you are healthy, you are required to have a DOT physical every 24 months. If the provider has any concerns during your DOT physical they will make you aware and may require a follow-up DOT physical sooner, the time frame is based on the level of concern.

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