Concierge Medicine

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In today’s healthcare model, medical care can feel impersonal and rushed. From the challenge of seeing a regular primary doctor, delays in the waiting room, and the lack of quality time with a regular physician, today’s discerning parties are looking for something more. Concierge medicine by America’s Family Doctors closes the gap between patient expectations and quality care. Dr. Samudrala believes the best care comes with a strong relationship with your provider and focuses on offering concierge medicine patients personalized care and unparalleled access. Here is why concierge medicine with America’s Family Doctors is the model of the future for outstanding healthcare:

24/7 Availability
Because illness or injury doesn’t just happen during regular office hours—enjoy access to your personal healthcare provider when you need it, no matter what time it is. Whether by phone, text, or email, get answers to your medical questions by a provider who knows your needs and can provide relevant medical guidance knowing your personal medical history.

Same-Day Office Appointments
When a medical issue arises, you typically see your personal provider within 24 hours. Avoid unnecessary waiting, missed work and school, and schedule interruptions. We understand your time is valuable and your personal provider is committed to seeing you as soon as possible.

Authentic, Personalized Care
You and your provider have a strong relationship, and concierge medicine appointments allow you to ask detailed questions about your healthcare. Patients are scheduled for longer appointment times, so your provider can present much more detailed medical information and guidance, giving you an in-depth explanation, clear diagnosis, and plan for care, including treatment options specific to your needs.

Focus on Your Wellness
In contrast to today’s efficiency approach to medical treatment, the concierge medicine approach allows your private provider to be proactive in your care, truly get to know you, guiding you to meet your health goals, prevent disease, increase longevity, and share with you a variety of techniques to achieving your best health, including guidance in alternative medicine and nutrition. In this personal relationship, your provider has the freedom to explore medical options with a deep understanding of your unique healthcare needs.

The AFD Plus program is exclusively offered to established America’s Family Doctors patients.

  • $95 per month per adult
  • $175 per month for husband and wife
  • Kids are free until age 22
  • Service is charged monthly to your credit card
  • Cancel any time

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