Cardiac Stress Tests

In today’s high stress world it’s run, run, run and often we tend to ignore our most important asset… our health. That’s why at America’s Family Doctors we have designed our Executive Physical Program to make it quick and easy for you to get that comprehensive checkup.

Our program includes an extensive physical examination, comprehensive laboratory studies, electrocardiogram, and where indicated more extensive procedures such as pulmonary function and cardiac stress testing.

You’ll be ready to tackle your biggest goals knowing that your body is ready, willing, and able along with peace of mind. If we uncover any issues, we’ll be able to get you back to optimal quickly by catching the problem early.

Schedule your executive phyical exam now.. give us a call. Your family will be happy you did.

Heart disease is the number one cause of illness and death in the United States…. and unfortuantely the first sign somebody has a problem is often a major heart attack or sudden death.

Much of this can be easily prevented by getting an early heart disease screening. A stress test combined with an ultrasound on your arteries can detect early heart disease in time for you to make a major difference.

When detected early, lifestyle changes along with medications can slow the progression of heart disease and in many cases reverse the process.

Don’t wait until you suffer irreversible damage to your heart. Call us now to schedule your heart disease screening now.

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