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America's Family Doctors
1195 Old Hickory Blvd, Ste #103
Brentwood, TN 37027
Appointments: 615.373.2000
Fax: 615.891.5001
America's Family Doctors
515 Stonecrest Pkwy, Ste #100
Smyrna, TN 37167
Appointments: 615.223.7227
Fax: 615.891.5002
America's Family Doctors
5073 Main St, Ste #100
Spring Hill, TN 37174
Appointments: 615.302.0885
Fax: 615.891.5003

Dr. Samudrala can see you in Smyrna on Wednesdays. He's available in Brentwood on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and also available in Spring Hill on Mondays.

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S. Steve Samudrala MD also known as ‘Dr. Sam’ is board certified in family medicine. He has been caring for patients of all ages for over 15 years. He specializes in keeping patients healthy from birth onwards. Dr. Sam welcomes new patients in Brentwood, TN. Dr. Sam completed his residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and is the Founder and Medical Director of America’s Family Doctors. As a multi-lingual medical practice, AFD is able to serve English, Spanish, Telegu, and Hindi speaking patients.

Beyond Family Medicine, Dr. Samudrala has a special interest in Medically Supervised Weight Loss, Attention Deficit Disorders, Preventative Medicine and Intermittent Fasting. Dr. Sam is passionate about building a sustainable medical practice, as well as using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other tools to help build a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) practice. His personal interests are tennis, hockey & spending time with his wife and two daughters.

In addition Dr. Sam is passionate about both Aesthetic & Age Management Medicine and serves as the Medical Director of Ideal Image in Nashville TN.

Have questions for Dr. Sam? Feel free to reach out to her at

Languages Spoken
English, Telegu

Undergraduate Education: Union College
Medical Education: Wayne State University School of Medicine 1997
Board Certifications: American Board of Family Medicine – 2002 & 2008
Organizations: Tennessee Medical Association American Academy of Family Medicine Nashville Academy of Medicine Williamson County Medical Society
In Practice Since: 2002
  • Primary Care
  • Family Medicine

  • Special Interests:
  • Asthma and Allergy Care
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Functional Medicine
  • Immigration Physicals
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Preventive Medicine with Boston Heart Advanced Testing

  • Rebecca Joe Rebecca Joe 03:16 11/26/22
    I had a walk in sick visit today. Fast process, nice staff and Doctor. I got better with their care. Thank you so much!

    Katharina Zecevic Katharina Zecevic 18:39 11/25/22
    Dr. Sam is a great provider! Very knowledgeable and compassionate! Spends time educating and explaining informations

    Sithara Samudrala Sithara Samudrala 16:04 09/22/22
    Thanks for all you do to help so many.

    Victor Sandoval Victor Sandoval 00:54 09/22/22
    I would give more than 5 stars if I could. I have been without a provider for many years and wanted to make sure I found the right one. Needless to say, Dr. Sam is the one! Dr. Sam is professional, passionate, and knowledgeable which are must have qualities for a provider. He made it a priority to ease my nerves while making me feel like I had always been one of his patients. Best regards.

    Abeera Fatima Abeera Fatima 22:16 09/16/21
    Dr. Sam is an amazing physician. He accepted me as an intern and I have learned so much form him during my rotation. He is very dedicated and extremely caring towards his patients. He spends extra time with each patient and is a really good listener. It was wonderful experience working with him and seeing him being so passionate about his work. Each patient is his top priority and he never misses a single detail, making them feel like a part of AFD family.

    Amy Monson Amy Monson 15:19 08/04/21
    Dr Sam takes the time to know his patients. He is through and supports prevention in his practice by scheduling annual visits and follow up when needed.

    Billy Harrington Billy Harrington 20:08 07/13/21
    Dr. Sam is truly amazing. He is caring, takes his time with patients during visits, and will do anything he can to get people well. He is always available through the online portal and usually answers questions/requests on the same day. My health has improved dramatically since I started seeing him about 3 years ago. If you are looking for a PCP it would be hard to do better than Dr. Sam.

    Asiyah Naeem Asiyah Naeem 14:30 06/01/21

    Juleta Roby Juleta Roby 01:50 01/11/21
    Dr. Sam and the staff always put their patient’s first! The providers and staff are warm and inviting. They go the extra mile to make sure patients are informed about their health conditions and provide education around healthcare options.

    Ranjan Patel Ranjan Patel 19:45 12/04/20
    Dr. Sam and his staff are great people with very positive attitude. They motivated me to take care of my health by suggesting wellness plans.

    Darshan Patel Darshan Patel 15:53 11/10/20
    Dr. Sam is an amazing physician who genuinely cares about all his patients. He has an amazing bedside manner and pays great attention to detail when treating all his patients! I highly recommend anyone needing a Primary Care Physician to go see Dr. Sam!

    Mark Taylor Mark Taylor 00:35 10/24/20
    If you are looking for a physician that genuinely cares for his patients' well-being, then Dr. Samudrala is the one for you. He and his staff are both professional and compassionate. America's Family Doctors will not disappoint.

    Maida Parkins Maida Parkins 04:28 08/06/20
    Thoughtful doctor and lovely practice!

    Tuere Coulter Tuere Coulter 13:56 08/05/20
    Dr. Samudrala is an amazing physician. Great bedside manner and very caring. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends!!

    Heba Muhsin Heba Muhsin 21:03 01/07/20

    Neelima Mohan Neelima Mohan 00:32 10/03/19
    If you are looking for a new primary care physician for you and your family, look no further! Dr. Sam is the family physician I aspire to be like. I’ve interned with Dr. Sam at all 3 locations and have seen how he genuinely cares for his patients. He spends time with each patient to truly get to know them. As an advocate of physical, mental, and emotional wellness, he promotes healthy living including intermittent fasting. Dr. Sam is very passionate about the field of family medicine and his practice, consistently working long hours to provide the best possible care for his patients. The perks about AFD clinics is the fact that they are open 7 days a week, which makes it very convenient for patients. They also have their own in-house pharmacy and phlebotomists. Patients can also communicate and schedule appointments online through the patient portal. His optimism and friendly staff provide a warm, and welcoming environment for his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Sam and his clinics for all your healthcare needs!

    Megan Stewart Megan Stewart 21:26 09/28/19
    Dr. Sam is an a wonderful physician. He is always so friendly and outgoing toward his patients, while still showing genuine concern for their health and wellbeing. I appreciate how he incorporates wellness teaching into the office visits. I enjoy using Healow and how easy the app is to use, providing a means of direct communication between patient and physician. Dr. Sam and the staff are quick in responding to questions and concerns, and the convenience of viewing your own labs makes it so nice. The staff and nurses are also so welcoming and friendly, and you can tell they care for their patients! I highly recommend seeing Dr. Sam or any of the AFD staff for all of your healthcare needs!

    reyaz Ahmad rashid reyaz Ahmad rashid 18:00 09/23/19
    I have been to Dr. Sam's clinic as a patient and i am so glad I chose him to be my family Dr.Dr Sam e makes me so comfortable and take cares of me and it is so easy for me that I find a friend in him . he emails me after seeing me and is very flexible for the future appointments. his clinics is very neat and clean and the nursing staffs are also very friendly.

    Sri Ramani Peesapati Sri Ramani Peesapati 13:13 09/21/19
    Dr. Sam is a caring and wonderful doctor! I was struggling with pretty bad allergies with congestion around my nose and hives that spread all over my arms. Anything that I took from over the counter just made me sleepy and didn’t help in improving my symptoms. My family members, who were also patients of Dr. Sam, recommended that I go see him. So I made an appointment and went to go see him. The staff were extremely helpful and assisted me with all the details. They answered all my questions with a lot of patience. One of the main reasons that I appreciate AFD clinics and Dr.Sam is their ability to make patients feel warm, welcoming and comfortable. When I explained all the health issues I was struggling with, Dr.Sam immediately suggested that I get a shot to help me feel better and then ordered for labs. He also got a environmental and food allergy panel done so I would know any allergies I am struggling with. I started feeling better few minutes after the shot. Dr. Sam is also very keen on patient education and wellness; he talked about the foods and plant based products that could help me. He also mentioned about certain dietary and lifestyle changes to help me cope up with the symptoms. I went to other doctors as well but no one would provide such information on wellness and good dietary habits that could help me with everyday life. His insight to patient education and their well being is key to establishing continuity of care. I feel much better than I was previously and really looking forward to my follow appointment. I appreciate all the care that was provided to me by Dr.Sam and his staff! It was a great experience.

    Prateek Konakalla Prateek Konakalla 18:58 08/22/19
    I am a second year Undergrad student at Emory University and I interned under Dr. Samudrala this summer. Dr. Sam is a very forward thinker, intelligent, and very caring. I learned a lot from Dr. Sam and AFD clinics in general. As an intern, I can see how he truly cares for not only the patients that are currently in the clinic but also for patients that are under his care outside the clinic. He works long hours and does a lot of research to provide the best care possible for all his patients. It was a great experience to see how he truly leads AFD clinics by example.

    Allison Jenney Allison Jenney 22:49 08/02/19
    I am finishing my clinical rotation as a FNP student here at AFD for the summer. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Sam and the staff at the Brentwood, TN location. This summer, I have been exposed to a variety of medical, psychological, and some surgical needs of patients while being here. Overall, I have witnessed how Dr. Sam cares about meeting the needs of everyone who walks through the doors at AFD. He has an invested interest in ensuring they leave the clinic with a wealth of knowledge to better care for themselves and thus; lower one's risk for disease. Patients have been able to reduce their cholesterol levels and significantly lower their A1C by following diet regimens suggested by Dr. Sam. That is so encouraging to see! In addition, AFD is open seven days a week and takes most insurances! So patients are able to come in whenever it is most convenient regardless of who their insurance provider may be. Not many clinics have that kind of availability! Dr. Sam deserves five stars because of his love for all people, kind spirit, listening ear, helpful analogies, desire to make a positive change in the world, and for the variety of AFD locations and open hours!

    Brandon Bethany Brandon Bethany 01:24 07/13/19

    Francisco Uresti Francisco Uresti 00:05 07/13/19
    Excelent doctor! Has been taking care of my family for years now and has always offer a great service. Very kind and friendly!

    Wes Cain Wes Cain 00:30 03/24/18
    I am a medical student and had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sam for a month at AFD. Dr. Sam and his colleagues and staff are absolutely amazing and truly have a passion for what they do. Dr. Sam makes sure that every patient gets the best care possible and aims to treat the whole patient, not just the symptoms. It is clearly evident that Dr. Sam loves what he does and takes pride in doing it right. He takes personal time to stay current with all things medicine as well. Dr. Sam was a pleasure to work with and highly recommended!

    Greg Simmons Greg Simmons 14:49 10/25/17
    Dr. Sam is one of the rare PCPs that I respect and trust. I have seen him as my primary care physician for several years. He truly practices what he preaches including living an active lifestyle and incorporating regular fasting into his everyday life. His staff is always professional and courteous including the NPs and other doctors in the AFD clinic. Dr. Sam stays current in his practice and is receptive to new information. I recently stumbled across a couple of books, The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting. Upon a recent visit, I brought the book in and introduced it to Dr. Sam. To my surprise, he went and purchased the book and read it and when we next spoke he fully endorsed the practice of fasting for better health. I was pleased by this because I have always been ashamed of my fasting due to the brow beating you receive when discussing fasting, even from health professionals that should know better. Now I can proudly practice fasting with my Dr’s endorsement. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Sam and the AFD clinics. If you are looking for a new PCP, Dr. Sam and the AFD clinics should definitely be on your short list.

    Chad Oakley Chad Oakley 19:25 01/27/17
    Great first visit. All the staff were very friendly. Dr. Sam was great to work with. I'm looking forward to my follow up visit here at AFD.

    Ernie Jones Ernie Jones 17:57 10/17/16
    Dr. Sam and his staff deliver excellent medical care in a very personal way. He really cares about your health as does the rest of his staff. I highly recommend AFD to all of my friends.

    Allyn Walker Allyn Walker 21:23 09/16/16
    Dr. Sam has built a patient centered facility of engaged team members! He has contagious enthusiasm while delivering quick and accurate care. He has been my doctor for over 10 years. As a small business owner, Dr. Sam understands the pressures and needs I have in owning and running a business. The customer service is tremendous.

    Dymetra Bass Dymetra Bass 14:19 08/24/16
    Dr. Samudrala has been the best physician yet that I've had in Nashville. Genuine, caring, and attentive!

    Jay Sevigny Jay Sevigny 11:37 08/19/16
    I've been his patient for 14 years. He is a caring and gentle man. He is also very serious about the excellence of his care and a big promoter of healthy living. He's the best doctor I've ever known.

    satish bandaru satish bandaru 18:38 05/29/16
    Great caring Doctor helpful to the whole community with AFD TV videos on YouTube

    B John B John 18:55 05/16/16
    Skillful and caring . He has given excellent care to several family members . Highly recommend .

    Sadia Dar Sadia Dar 19:49 05/13/16
    Dr. Sam is a wonderful Doctor. Very caring and intelligent. If you are looking for a good doctor to care for you and your family, I highly recommend him and his staff. They are awesome!!!:)

    david castro david castro 15:02 05/13/16
    Dr Sam is a genuinely caring doctor. He is genuinely interested in improving his patient's health and enjoys what he does. He takes a personal interest in his patient's health, improves the patient's access to resources, and looks to improve the patient's overall healthcare experience. Great job Dr Sam.

    Preeti Kumar Preeti Kumar 19:03 09/30/15
    Dr Sam and the staff here are just brilliant. They are extremely friendly and prompt.Dr Sam personally takes time to listen to his patients and is very knowledgeable. He goes out of his ways to provide information and help the patients. The website and brochures are extremely user friendly. I would highly recommend Dr Samudrala.

    Pelham McMurry Pelham McMurry 13:26 08/18/15
    I have had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Sam through our business dealings. I have found him to be a man of high integrity, with an eagerness to help others. I own a local small business in Nashville and Dr. Sam has generously offered me his time and advice in a selfless attempt to help me grow professionally and personally. In my experience, the best doctors have the heart of a teacher and a genuine desire to help others. Dr. Sam fits the bill and I highly recommend him as a family practice doctor, business mentor & friend.
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