Limit carbs and reduce risk to disease

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  • Dear AFD FamilyThis is a great study. I have been doing this for myself for over a year nowWhat I do:

    – black coffee, nuts, apples during the day just enough to avoid hunger
    – nighttime I eat whatever I want – try to limit carbs, fried food and red meat – we all love carbs thought

    What I found:

    – I feel great!

    – I save a lot of time and money during the daytime when it matters the most.

    – Whether I exercise or not I stay slim
    – It is convenient for me because I don’t have to use any self-control.

    – I am not hungry during the day as much as I used to thus during the day it’s easy as well.

    – If I am exercising during the day I do try to have some carbs before hand especially if it’s something cardiovascular like playing tennis.

    – I have heard success in others on this diet, now we know why

    – No guarantee that this will work as well for everyone, glad to understand the science behind it

    Either way life progresses for the better because we always keep trying.

    All the best as always!

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