Boston Heart Test

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  • The Boston Heart Test is a great start to get you on track to living a healthy lifestyle. Schedule your physical and Boston Heart Test with us today!

-Checks your individual blood test results
-Checks your genetic risk factors
-Combines everything to give you your risk factors for heart disease,

Recent flu deaths in Nashville

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  • From the Tennessean…Flu deaths in Tennessee begin to mount

    Nine people from Nashville and its surrounding counties have died from complications of the flu so far this flu season, and deaths also are being reported from the Cumberland Region.

    With the same strain in wide circulation that caused a pandemic in 2009,

Diabetes Prevention

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  • Dear AFD Family,As the saying goes the best way to fix the problem is to not have it to begin with.I fully believe Diabetes Type 2 is preventable.If I were to develop diabetes later in life I will blame no one but myself.And I would do whatever I can to reverse my condition to be diabetes free again.