TeleVisits – Existing Patients

If you’re an Existing Patient needing a TeleVisit

  • To request a TeleVisit please complete the following Intake Form OR send a message from your Patient Portal.
  • If you have HMO insurance, and we are not the PCP, you MUST call to get that changed and contact us with the reference number before your visit.
  • Please access your Healow account on your phone or Patient Portal account on so you have access to your labs, etc before your visit.
  • Someone at our office will contact you to verify your phone number and to collect payment prior to the scheduled visit time.
  • Please allow a 2 hour window from your scheduled visit time for your provider to contact you for your visit.
  • AFD is currently using for TeleVisits. Once your appointment has been confirmed you will be sent a simple URL via test message to use to get started.

For Best Care, Download our Healow App now on your smartphone and use our AFD Practice Code EIFAAA.

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