At America’s Family Doctors, we can help you say goodbye to congestion, coughing, sneezing, and all of the other irritating symptoms that come with allergies. We have allergy specialists on staff who can help you through the entire process.  From allergy testing to shots and sublinguals, we do it all, and we have the ability to drastically reduce or eliminate your symptoms entirely.

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Watch a video and learn more about our allergy testing services.

Shots at Home
Treat your allergy symptoms with allergy shots at home. Learn more about the process by watching a short video.

Allergy Drops (Sublinguals)
Looking for allergy treatments other than shots? Learn more about our oral treatment.

Allergy Questions
Frequently asked questions about our allergy services.

A full list of insurances we accept for allergy services.

Forms & Documents
Files for reference and documents you will need for you allergy visit.


- Brentwood Allergy Patient

I found out from my allergy test that I am allergic to just about everything. Now that I am on injections, I’m almost entirely symptom-free and I feel amazing.

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