Diabetes Prevention

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  • Dear AFD Family,As the saying goes the best way to fix the problem is to not have it to begin with.I fully believe Diabetes Type 2 is preventable.If I were to develop diabetes later in life I will blame no one but myself.And I would do whatever I can to reverse my condition to be diabetes free again.

Relationship patterns are changing as women achieve higher educational levels: study

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  • The number of couples in which the woman has a higher level of university studies than her male partner is growing steadily and in many countries this trend surpasses the opposite situation, which historically has been the predominant. This is the conclusion reached by the Centre for Demographic Studies of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (CED-UAB),

Osteoporosis detection with less guesswork

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  • A computerized approach to examining patient bone X-rays for diagnosis of osteoporosis could side-step the subjectivity associated with visual examination, according to a new research paper in the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology published in October.

    Neelesh Kumar of the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation in Chandigarh,